My radio equipment and antennas.


Diamond D220R Mobile Scanner Antenna

Diamond D220R Mobile Scanner Antenna
Mobile Mini Discone Antenna (100 to 1600MHz for receiving) (144/440/904/1200MHz for transmitting)
Type: 1/2wave(144MHz), 2×5/8wave(440MHz)
Frequency range: 100-1600 MHz
Gain dB: 2.15dBi(144/904/1200MHz),3.4dBi(440MHz)

Carant ABY7LB UHF 350-500 MHz

Carant ABY7LB
Type: Broadband UHF yagi, 7 elements
Frequency range: 350-500 MHz
Gain: 7-12 dBi, f/b >15 dB

ANOX 270 Dualband Yagi 2m/70cm

ANOX 270
Type: Dual Band Yagi 3-elem. 2m / 5-elem. 70cm
Frequency range: 145MHz and 434MHz


Type: Logperiodic VHF/UHF Antenna
Frequency range: 174-230 MHz / 470-698 MHz

D-130 Discone

Diamond D-130 Discone
Type: Broadband Discone Antenna
Frequency range: 25 – 1300 MHz (Continuous Coverage)

WX Satellite Turnstile Antenna

Weather Satellite Antenna
Type: Turnstile
Frequency range: 136-137 MHz

Satellite L-Band Antenna

Satellite L-Band Antenna
Type: A GPS-Style Active Patch Antenna
Frequency range: 1535 – 1550 MHz

Satellite L Band Antenna

Satellite L Band Antenna

Satellite L-Band Antenna
Type: A GPS-Style Active Patch Antenna
Frequency range: 1610 – 1630 MHz

Scanner Antenna

Type: Scanner antenna with magnetic stand
Frequency range: 25 – 2000 MHz

Inverto 90cm Satellite Dish

Inverto Satellite Antenna
Type: 90 cm dish with 4 LNB’s and 1 L-band antenna
LNB’s Frequency range: Low band: 10.7GHz – 11.7GHz (Lo: 9.75GHz)
High band: 11.7GHz – 12.75GHz (Lo: 10.6GHz)
LNB’s: Single, Universal, High Gain, Low Noise, Ku-band


Several SDR Dongles, for example:

RTL SDR Dongle V3

Frequency range: 500KHz – 1700MHz

Adalm Pluto

Adalm Pluto – Software-Defined Radio Active Learning Module
Frequency range: 325 MHz to 3.8 GHz (Modified to 70 MHz – 6 GHz)

And of course some traditional radios, for example:

Eton Satellite 550

Eton Satellite 750
AM/FM/AIR/LW/SSB Shortwave radio

Grundig G6 Aviator

Grundig G6 Aviator
AM/FM/Aircraft Band/SSB Shortwave radio

Check out my balcony antenna setup for VHF/UHF/SAT bands