Balcony antenna setup for VHF/UHF/SAT bands

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My balcony antenna setup for VHF, UHF and SAT bands. I receive LEO-satellites on 145 MHz and on 437 MHz and undecoded traffic on Military Air band on  240-380 MHz. On L-band I receive Air Traffic ACARS-messages and ships STD-C messages and EGC/LES data traffic from Inmarsat(Alphasat) satellite. Every now and the I also [...]

Milstar UHF FHSS Downlink

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UHF FHSS Downlink of Milstar, a Unites States joint military service satellite communications system that provides secure, jam resistant, worldwide communications. Milstar (Military Strategic and Tactical Relay) is a constellation of military communications satellites in geosynchronous orbit. Those are operated by the United States Air Force and they provide secure jam-resistant worldwide communications so [...]

Receiving old Russian Military COSMOS Navigation Satellite Signal – Video

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Receiving Cosmos 2463 satellite with SDR# software and SIRIO SD 1300 N Discone Antenna 25 MHz - 1.3 GHz antenna powered with amplifier. For satellites tracking I use Orbitron. Cosmos satellites are old Russian Navy navigation satellites that are no longer in use. See more information below. "The Russian Military Parus satellites are/where used [...]

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